Monsoons, Mosquitoes and Dengue Fever

Monsoons are here and so are mosquitoes. In the enjoyment of rains, we often forget that waterlogging invites breeding of mosquitoes and becomes the reason of spread of dreaded tropical disease like Dengue Fever also known as Break Bone Fever. These are caused by a female mosquito of “Aedes” type typically “Aedes Aaegypti”.

Dengue Fever 2019

*Symptoms of dengue begin after 3-14 days after the mosquito biteSome typical symptoms of dengue Fever are:-

High fever

Severe headache

Joint pain

Mild nose or gum bleeding

Muscle or bone pain

Skin rash

Easy bruising

Some basic home based treatment can be given to patients suffering from Dengue Fever

  • To cope up with the decrease in fluid levels of the patient , make patient drink food items rich in water content like coconut water, butter milk, fruit juices at regular interval .
  • Consumption of vitamin D and vitamin C rich eatables like green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits like orange.
  • Take medication prescribed by doctor only. Do not consume antibiotics and steroids. Use PCM (Paracetamol) to treat fever.
  • Use platelet transfusion method if and only if platelet count is less than 20,000.
  • Due to lack of true dengue treatment and no approved vaccine, prevention is only solution to this mosquito menace.

Prevention of Dengue Fever

  1. Mosquito that cause dengue dwell in clean water hence don’t let water to accumulate for more than 2-3 days around houses, offices, schools, etc.
  2. Kerosene oil spray can be used for coolers, as they accumulate a lot of water.
  3. Do not ignore a rise in body temperature. If you feel fever, visit a Doctor.
  4. Make sure that children wear full sleeved clothes that protect them from any mosquito bites.
  5. Insecticide and pesticides spray shall be done in houses as well as in the streets and nearby places.
  6. When not necessary keep the windows and doors closed that would prevent entry of mosquitoes into the house.
  7. Don’t let litter or garbage accumulate into the wastebox
  8. Mosquito that cause dengue bites mostly during mornings and evenings therefore, try going out less in the mornings and evenings.
  9. When at home, use goodnight coils, Odomos, Mosquitoes repellent sprays, coils, creams, etc.
  10. Fogging by municipal community shall be done time to time
  11. If some member at home is affected by dengue, keep them inside a mosquito net so that causative mosquito doesn’t bite the infected person and spread the Infection to others present around.
  12. Camphor can be burned to prevent mosquitoes

Holy Basil leaves can also be used


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